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The love of our home is always carried with us, wherever we travel, in form of lunch boxes with food made with love and care. The flavours across the states of this country are relished by us at any location be it our offices, school or travelling locations. What is always required to be taken care of is, the chances of leakage and ultimately the yummy food leaving stains on your bags, office materials etc. and making you sad. To resolve this and to make you happy again, Tupperware launches one-of-its-kind My Lunch which is a rectangular sleek liquid retaining inner container.

We got this beautiful attractive coloured set of lunch boxes from Tupperware which came with a guarantee and challenge that they won’t leak with anything inside. It is claimed to be first ever Liquid Tight Inner Container set which is sleek & easy to use.

We tried using various curries in the lunch boxes and we would say that the brand keeps up to its promise of the inner container not leaking and spoiling the food. We tried for curries like aloo matar and for sambhar.

As the brand Tupperware is long known for the food grade material, this lunch box adds up to the super usable product catalogue of the brand and gives the office people and students, an opportunity to have a mess-free food carrying option. Now you get the freedom to carry food of your choice in sleek and spill proof lunch box from Tupperware.

What more: the color scheme used for both the boxes makes it all the more attractive and lovable.

© Kitchen Pops

We will definitely vouch for this One-of-its’s-kind My Lunch from Tupperware for all those who love carrying their own food and want to be free from the leakage.

Stay Healthy! Happy Cooking!

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