The Pizza Story – OVENSTORY


A newly opened place to give you the Indianized flavors of pizzas at the comfort of your own home – Ovenstory Pizza.  This place has recently started its operations in Delhi NCR with a very professional attitude and timely delivery. The food was delivered warm along with all the possible accompaniments.

Ovenstory offers an option of 4 types of signature cheese base to choose from – Peri Peri (flavourful and spicy, ground chillies, lemon juice and much more), 4 pepper (4 types of bell peppers, roasted to perfection), Chipotle (crushed jalapenos, making it smoking hot), El Classico (classic Italian mozzarella cheese, the undisputed champion).

We ordered Peri Peri Picante – a 9 inches thin crust pizza with the topping of peri peri cheese, mozzarella cheese, tandoori paneer, green, red and yellow bell peppers, black olives and onions. Baked to give it a nice taste and fragrance. The pizza tasted well and had an Indianized touch to the pizza.

Our second choice was Four Pepper Falafel – which was again a 9 inches thin crust pizza with 4 pepper cheese, mozzarella cheese, veg falafel pieces, American corn, jalapeno, black olives and onions. The pizza was well baked and was crispy. However, we found this a little dry to eat.

We also opted for Corn and Olive Bruschetta which was bread packed with cheese and corn n olive. It was a good replacement for a garlic bread and was quite filling. However, if it would have been served with Cheesy Dip, it would have tasted much better.

In the desserts, we received their Sicilian Red Velvet cake which consisted of unbleached organic cocoa as a secret to its taste.

The portions of pizzas are enough to serve 2 with a hygienic packaging. What they also need to take care is of the accompaniments as with the entire order we received only 1 pack f oregano n 1 pack of chili flakes.

Kitchen Pops Recommends:

  • Corn n Olive Bruchetta
  • Peri Peri Picante
  • Sicilian Red Velvet Cake


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