Restaurant Review: Curry Company


As the name suggests, it is one of the best places to order the food to be delivered at your doorstep. Simple, Quick and Hygienic is what their tagline says and you can definitely trust it as they keep up to all 3 of these expectations for their clients.

With 5 outlets serving Gurgaon, they make sure to have a wide variety of options for vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. Starting with the appetisers like Kebabs like Cream Paneer Tikka, Veg Shammi Kebab and many more. They also give you an option for making a combo clubbing with Dal Makhani and tandoori Parantha.

In the curries, they again have loads of options of Makhani, Chettinad, Kadhai along with Aloo options, Chana masala and 2 options of dal. They have a special selection of Curry Company Special dishes as well to add on to the regular dishes.

We ordered a selection of Bhatti paneer tikka in the kebabs, which had the chat-pata flavour and seemed to be cooked on Bhatti. In the main course, we ordered curries like Kadhai Paneer, Adraki Gobi Aloo, Heeng Dhaniya Pudina Aloo, Dal Makhani and Khatti Daal Tadka. For the rice, we ordered their Subz Biryani which was just the perfect with the spices and was served along with the raita. If you are a fan of the Dal Makhani, then we would really recommend this place to order as the dal was yummy! Heeng Dhaniya Pudhina Aloo was a semi dry dish which had a lovely flavour of mint to relish. Adraki Gobhi Aloo has been one of our favourites as it had the perfect flavour. The Kadhai Paneer was one dish we find that they have scope to improve as the paneer cubes were little hard and doesn’t seem to be fresh enough.

In the breads, we selected Paneer stuffed kulcha, tandoori roti, lachha parantha and missi roti. The breads were fresh and were packed properly in aluminium foil to ensure that they remain fresh and warm.

Value For Money: The dishes ranges between INR 200-250 and the quantity served is enough for 2-3 people. Being economical on pocket along with serving the best taste is what Curry Company promises. So if we see per head cost, it comes out to be INR 200-225 per head.

Taste: The flavours of the dishes were so perfect that you don’t even need to think twice while ordering again or to alter the flavours. The perfect combination of chat-pata food along with the hygiene is what made us fall in for them to order soon again J

Packaging: Well packed with no leekage and ensuring to keep the food fresh and warm was what they expertise in. We didn’t even need to warm the food despite of having it 20 mins after getting them delivered to our place. What came along was a big bowl of onion and loads of mint chutneys along with the wet wipes which are really useful for those who order their food in the offices.

Ease of Ordering: We ordered the food from their real time application. What we found missing was that the app no-where said that it was a real time application and the moment you order the food, they start processing it to be delivered within 1 hour. It should ideally say that once you are checking out the order by confirming it.  However, once your order reaches them, they call you to confirm the same and they deliver the freshly prepared food within 1 hour of ordering.

Overall: 9/10 ( 1 point we held back for the paneer quality and the confusion that can result while ordering the food)

Kitchen Pops Recommends:

  • Dal Makhani
  • Heeng Dhaniya Pudhina Aloo
  • Sabz Biryani
  • Paneer Kulcha
  • Missi Roti


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