Prankster: Enjoy with the Glimpse of Good old days!


The prankster is a new place that has opened in already buzzing market of Sector 29, Gurgaon. This area has a lot many well established restaurants that have made their mark, so to get into the compet

ition; any new place has to bring in something extraordinary. Prankster brings that extra point with its ambience itself.

The place is huge and is designed wonderfully. The whole restaurant is divided into sections and each section has a different theme like Canteen, Hostel, Library, Amphitheater, Parking, Mixology lab and Classroom. Each section does complete justice to the theme. Our favorites where Hostel and Amphitheater.

For drinks they have a special menu, providing options of regular hard drinks, with a mix of cocktails and mocktails. They also have in-house brewery offering different kinds of beers.

To talk about the food, Prankster has made sure to have the same feel good factor in food as well as they have in the ambiance. They have a lot of items on their menu that have a little twist to make it different than the traditional recipe. For starters we enjoyed Nitro cooked dahi bhalle rumali sev 20″ Papdi,  Litchi tikka, Kick Ass Honey Chili Potato Pepper Slaw and Garden Fresh Pizza (pizza on a patty). Each dish had something special in it and we liked the Pizza and Dahi Bhalla the most.  Litchi tikka was a new thing to taste, but we did not really enjoy it much. However, each dish was presented equally beautifully.

For main course, we had only Compressed Paneer Tubes Thai Makhni Curry and Dal Makhni with Sour Cream Mousse. Both items were really good, just the starters have been even better.

We ended are culinary experience with Gulab Kheer, which had frozen roses served separately, so that patrons can add them fresh on top of their Kheer and enjoy it.

We had a great time at Prankster and our experience was made even better by their amazing service and great hospitality. This one looks like a very promising place and definitely a tough competition to all other places nearby.

Kitchen Pop Recommends:

– Pizzas

– Dahi Bhalla

– Paneer Thai Curry

Where: Site 8-10, Sector 29, Gurgaon


Price for two: Rs. 1500 (approx)



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