Newly Launched: Cafe Southall, Delhi


A new restaurant, Cafe Southall, has opened up in Janpath, to compete with the already established food industry in the vicinity. With more places opening every month, the competition gets tougher, however, patrons get a lot of options to choose from. This is a new property added to an already long list of successful establishments by Priyank Sukhija. Since he has given some really great options to Delhiites in the past, there are a lot of expectations from his every venture. However, this one seems like a regular place, with average food and great drinks.

The décor is simple, with pretty terrace, and simple sitting area. We liked that there is no chaos or over do in terms of interiors. The place is charming and soothing. For all the alcohol lovers, they have a huge bar, with lot many bartenders serving you something special. A huge DJ deck is also part of the establishment, promising good music and a great night to party lovers.

We had some really nice drinks from the bar, which include both, cocktails and mocktails. They offer almost all the best brands, with classic drinks as well. Our favorites were their signature mocktail and frozen margaritas.

For food, we had a taste of various dishes. The Channa patty burger was loaded with cheese and a huge one too. We tried two varieties of pasta, that is Creamy pesto Pasta and Penne Arrabiata with vegetable. Pesto was white sauce which was decent, but we will surely give Arrabiata a skip the next time. Next came the Soya Keema Bhaji with Pao and Koshimbir salad, which we think lacked a little in terms of spices and flavors, though it was not bad. Last we had Tandoori Paneer pizza, which was another above average dish.

We wanted to end on a sweet note, so we asked for dessert, which was Hot Chocolate Brownie Sundae. We waited way too long for it to arrive, that we almost gave up on it coming our way. At last it was served, however, it was sadly the worst part of the meal. The idea of the sundae was lost in the dish, then nothing hot about it, and on the top, the brownies were not well cooked.

There is a lot of need of improvement in terms of service and quality of food here. We expect the best experience from Priyank Sukhija’s properties, which sadly this place is lacking.

Kitchen Pops Recommends:

– Channa Patty Burger

– Frozen Margarita

Where: 54, Tolstoy Lane, Janpath, New Delhi

011 33107852

Cost for 2: Rs. 1200 approx.


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