Let’s have the Biryani Blues!


The lovely biryani of this place will definitely make you have biryani blues every second day! With 17 outlets in Delhi NCR, the place is recognised as one of the best places to have Biryani. Apart from the biryanis, they also serve starters – both veg and non-veg, Curries, Bread and even single meal combo options.

We opted to order their Veg Special Biryani which had paneer along with the veggies. The biryani was chatpata and spicy and tasted perfect. It was served along with the dahi ki chutney as well as mirch ka salan. Mirch ka Salan was nice however, the curd served along needs improvement as it had more of water than curd in it. For the curries, we ordered their veg korma which had a pinch of coconut flavoured mix veg korma. The curry again was on a spicier side making the entire meal spicy but yummy.

Food Quality – it was fresh and hot when delivered

Packaging – Biryani was packed in a plastic container and the curry was packed in the food grade plastic box. They were well packed and there was no leakage. No accompaniments were found in the pack i.e. cutlery, tissues etc.

Value for Money – Looking at the pricing of the curry and the serving size, it is little on the expensive side but the taste makes up for it

Overall: 4/5

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