Let’s go Birdie Num Num!


With the 2 floor seating of 90 covers, Birdie Num Num is the talk of the town. Serving authentic flavors of India with their own twist, the place claims to be one of the best places serving food from Kerala, Maharashtra and other cities of India along with their USP of offering the best cocktails in town.

What we loved the most was that they do not alter their dishes as per the customer’s choice, ensuring to serve their best flavors as per the recipes. Thus, someone might find the same dish very spicy while the other might still find the need to add more chilly to it, but they maintain their standard dishes.

Positioning themselves as a special cocktail bar, the place is owned run by woman Chef, Entrepreneur, Teacher and Consultant, Bangalore-based Chef Yuvna Damani & Sudhanshu Panwar. The name of the place has been kept following the famous phrase from Peter Sellers movie “The Party”. The owner claims that the place is simply to remind to party more. The best part is that most of the ingredients used for their cocktails are created in-house by the team and headed by the award-winning mixologist Nitin Tiwari.

We were happy to be invited to experience the special ambiance and food. We started our journey with their lovely appetizers:

  1. Bhoot jholokiya chilli cheese melt – Who don’t know about this, the world’s spiciest chilli from Assam. It was an amazing combination of the spicy chilli and the cheese melt appetizer. We just loved it!
  2. Harissa Potatoes – It is a style of potatoes prepared using spicy home-made “Harissa” Sauce and grilled to perfection.
  3. Cafreal Cottage Cheese – A paneer tikka with a twist to fall in love with
  4. Nepali pickled potato – Prepared in curd along with veggies, this was a perfect dish for kids as well as those who don’t like very spicy food.
  5. Dahi Toast – their famous Ramu’s Dahi toast with hung curd and veggies is something which everyone’s gonna love for sure.
  6. Batata Vada Pav – Maharashtrian famous dish Vada pav is served at Birdie Num Num with a slightly different flavor in the vada and the chutney using the ghaati masala.

Overall, we were delighted by the different flavors curated in their appetizers to take you across the country’s best dishes.

To go along the appetizers, we were served with a Strawberry smoothie and Split Personality cocktail which had a refreshing flavor of litchi in it.

For the main-course we decided to stick to only their best dishes with very small portions as the love for the appetizers made us munch them all and fill our appetites. In the main course we were served with Meena Madras Chickpeas, Kohlapuri Vegetables served along with Steamed Rice, Appam and Malabar Parantha. All the dishes had a unique flavor which you will relish if you really like different food. The chickpeas were the traditional Punjabi chollas but prepared with the madras styled recipe. Malabar Parantha was just out of the world as it melted so well the moment you put it in your mouth.

With no much choices in the desserts and the focus to remain on the unique menu, they only had Rose Kulfi as an option. But trust us, you will surely gonna love your decision of ordering this as it is served uniquely along with the flavor of rose – the symbol of love.

Kitchen Pops Recommends:

  • Bhoot jholokiya chilli cheese melt
  • Ramu’s Dahi Toast
  • Meena Madras Chickpeas
  • Malabar Parantha
  • Rose Kulfi

Where: Birdie Num Num is located on the ground floor at Global Foyer, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon.

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