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With the month spreading love and affection, The Ancient Barbeque extends its new festival menu with Grills on Fire. The menu with lots of new varieties and options for vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians, The Ancient Barbeque wants to make sure that you enjoy a perfect evening or lunch in the heart of Gurgaon. Together with a massive range of 26 new Starters (Veg and Non Veg) they offer the yummiest main course with all the various dishes you can think of.IMG_7423

Curated by the star minds of Chef Ashish Massey (Director, TAB), Chef Rohini T. Chwala (Masterchef 2016 Top 12 Contestant), Sadaf Hussain (MasterChef 2016 Top 10 Contestant) and India’s very own biryani walla Majid Khan (discovered by Shara Ashraf, Lifestyle Editor, HT City), the place makes sure you get the best on your plates.
The festival started on 3rd February 2017 and is going to last till 12th Feb 2017.

We were invited for the special tasting of the new menu and we were happy to become a part of the same.
We started our food tasting with their wide range of starters (vegetarian):
1. Multani Paneer Tikka – set on the live grill on the table, it was a wonderful paneer tikka with light flavor
2. Brazilian Churrasco Pineapple – the whole look of the pineapple was so tempting that you cannot resist to try it. And the best part is, the taste was also complimenting the looks.
3. Wine Glazed Mushroom – Different on the menu, it was something innovative.
4. Bhutta Chimi Churi – Corn pieces roasted with chatpata flavors
5. Virgin Salsa Potato – crispy potato with cream chilly topping
6. Dal Hari Mirchi ki Shammi – kebabs with a twist
7. Tandoori Chinese Dahi ke Sholey – this is what you really gonna love, it’s made with curd stuffing inside bread.
8. Akbari Soya Chap – Chap with a flavor that a vegetarian would love.
9. Chatpata Bhutte ki Moti – corn chaat served with love
10. Shakargandi aur Ananas Ki Chaat – well-roasted shakargandi and pineapple just made our day
11. Andhra Grill Veg – Set on the live grill these were assorted veggies. Could have tasted better though.
12. Nazakate Khumb – live grill mushrooms with a tangy chili flavor
Apart from these, there were good 12 options for the non-vegetarians as well.
In the main course, they had 5-6 vegetarian salads including the caesar salad, sprouts salad, peanut salad, kachumber salad etc. The main course had yummy dishes like Dal Makhani, Paneer Lababdar, Kashmiri Rajma, Palak Kofta, Aloo Gobhi, along with the steamed rice as well as the special Biryani. The breads were served on the table with the huge variety of options for you to choose from like Missi Roti, Mirch Parantha, Lachha Parantha, Naan, Butter Naan etc.

Desserts included the yummiest brownie with hot chocolate, kheer, ice creams, mango eggless cake, gulab jamun, fresh-cut fruits and more.
Overall, the place is a perfect at the price offered INR 625 where you get unlimited starters, soup, main course and a widespread dessert counter.

The main course was superb and better than any other place with similar concept coz generally, those places concentrate only on the starters and the main course goes for a toss. But here, the main course was also well taken care of.
The ambiance was soothing and a live music singer added to the grace of it where you had the option to request songs of your choice. The Ancient Barbeque has a seating capacity of more than 120pax at one go.
To our surprise, we got a special Chocolate dessert which was chilled chocolate made with milk, ice cream, coffee powder etc. It was out of the world!
And yes, thanks to the wonderful team, MD Mr. Ashish Massey, PR Ms. Neha Bahl, Manager Mr. Jahangir and steward Ashish and his team for making our experience a wonderful one!

Kitchen Pops recommends:
• Must visit the Grills on Fire festival before 12th Feb 2017 to try:
o Shakargandi Ananas Chaat
o Dahi ke Shole
o Wine glazed mushrooms
o Virgin Salsa Potato
o Brazilian Churrasco Pineapple
o Multani Paneer Tikka
o Main Course – Dal Makhani
o Paneer Lababdar
o Kashmiri Rajma
o Desserts – Hot Chocolate Brownie

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